Gemini brought four companies together in a new consortium. The combination was very special: a listed Canadian power producer, a listed German technology firm, a Dutch privately owned marine contractor and a publicly-owned utility company. Each of them provided Gemini with valuable knowledge and enthusiastic team members that would make Gemini a success. Time to get to know the partners a bit better.

This consortium of energy, technology, marine contracting and engineering combined both the expertise and the assets needed for a project of such scale and relevance. Northland Power lead the construction and operations, with Van Oord designated as main contractor for the entire installation, and Siemens supplying Gemini with 150 wind turbines, as well as carrying out maintenance on these. HVC brought vast renewable energy experience, generated via their contacts with various Dutch provinces and municipalities.
As well as the four partners, a large number of contractors and providers was involved in this major engineering feat. They delivered various components and enabled construction and operations. Using proven state-of-the-art technologies to deliver energy in a clean, safe and effective way, all parties worked closely together to deliver and operate a cost-efficient offshore wind park, for the Netherlands – and for the world.

A consortium with four partners



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Gemini is a unique project, put together by a group of specialists in all the necessary fields of expertise. They have been working together with passion for a common goal: building a wind park that produces renewable ‘green’ energy for hundreds of thousands of households in the Netherlands. Thereby bringing the goals of the climate agreement ‘Paris 2050’ closer to home.




An impressive team effort