A project like Gemini Wind Park takes massive investments. Around 2,8 billion euro’s were required to develop and build the park. A consortium of companies was needed to bring this amount of money together. This part of the website is dedicated to the shareholders of Gemini Wind Park. Together they are taking sustainable development to a new level, bringing renewable energy on an unprecedented scale to the Netherlands.

The Shareholders

Gemini Wind Park is owned by four companies:
Northland Power (60%), Siemens (20%), HVC (10%) and ALTE LEIPZIGER/HALLESCHE (10%). It is a special combination: a listed Canadian power producer, a listed German technology firm, a Dutch sustainable waste- and energycompany and two German insurance companies. Together they believe in the future of Gemini and have therefore invested in this undertaking.



The first three companies took part in the development of Gemini Wind Park from the beginning, the combination ALTE LEIPZIGER/HALLESCHE acquired the shares in 2018 from ‘founding father’ Van Oord – the Dutch international dredging and offshore contractor.



Gemini Wind Park: The Board

The Gemini Board consists of six members: two representing Northland Power and Siemens and two individual members for HVC and ALTE LEIPZIGER/HALLESCHES. This last shareholder is represented by wpd invest.

Managing the organisation


Throughout the different phases of the project, Gemini’s organisation changed alongside the needs and characteristics of these different phases. During construction there was a large focus on managing the fabrication and installation processes executed by the two main contractors. Already during construction the operational activities were set-up in parallel to ensure a smooth start-up of the operation and maintenance activities.